House of Rose Perfumes

House of Rose is home to the finest alcohol free perfume available, in naturally intoxicating scents of Rose, Carnation, Lavender, Lily of the Valley and more. Without any drying or irritating alcohol, our perfume smells as wonderful as it is for your skin. Another added benefit of perfume without alcohol? It doesn’t evaporate, making a bottle last so much longer. We specialize in creating the best natural perfume, and are dedicated to making it the best from every angle. We don’t compromise on scent or the lovely way it feels on your skin, and are certain you’ll appreciate the difference between mass marketed perfumes and our hand blended alcohol free perfume.

With a unique base that is actually good for your skin, our pheromone perfume for women offers the added benefit of attractants. Of course, our pheromone perfume for women will also attract people to you because you smell so freshly fantastic, but the olfactory boost doesn’t hurt! Of note, we only use laboratory certified human pheromones for the best quality and effect.

If you’ve been searching for the best natural perfume in a floral scent that isn’t currently included in our lineup, please email us at: Because our perfumes are completely hand blended, we are able to make almost any flower perfume. We love custom scents, and look forward to the opportunity to create them!

Each perfume spray bottle is $78 including shipping to the contiguous US. This size will last for three months of daily use. Want to be sure you have even more of the best natural perfume on hand? Our beautiful “Limited Edition” bottle, pictured above, is $125 including shipping to the contiguous US, and will last for 6 months of daily use. If you don’t wear perfume every day, it is important to remember that perfume without alcohol won’t evaporate between uses like traditional perfume. So when you pick the bottle back up again, you won’t have lost any to the air!

We are in good standing with Dun & Bradstreet, eBay, and the Better Business Bureau for over 12 years. Trust House of Rose to provide you with the best natural perfume, and we promise that we are committed to the utmost quality in every bottle.

Live outside the US? We are happy to ship overseas. Please contact us for information.

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